When you are travelling outside your home country you are going to have to exchange your currency for the one that is used in your destination country. It is always a sensible idea to check the exchange rate before you start your trip. This will then give you a general idea of the rate that you should expect to be offered whilst you are away from home. Be aware that some places that offer currency exchange will quote considerably higher rates than their competitors. This is done to attract the unsuspecting tourist to exchange their money at this particular place. The company will advertise the "buy rate" for your home currency rather than the "sell rate". The "buy rate" is always higher than the "sell rate". Another tactic that is often used is an advertised rate is higher than those of the local competitors. This rate will only be available for the exchange of large amounts of money. The amount of money to which this rate is applicable will be in the thousands rather than the average amount required by a tourist. The Best Place to Exchange Currency | Carrying Cash The simplest form of exchanging currency is to take cash with you on your trip. The main drawback to this is that you will be offered a lower exchange rate then if using "plastic" for your transactions. Many banks will charge the institution that has purchased your foreign currency a variable rate of exchange. The institution is not going to lose money on this type of transaction and will therefore offer you a lower exchange rate. Carrying large amounts of cash has its own dangers, namely that of theft.